Vic Payne Studio

The Protector

"The Protector" - World's Largest Eagle Monument, Unveiled Fall 2006 in Idaho Falls, Idaho - McNeil Development

Edition of 10, Approx. 3 times life size with an eagle wingspan of 21', Unveiled Fall 2006 in Idaho Falls, Idaho for the Walker brothers.

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Mother bronze eagle in the winter, Idaho Falls

Mother Eagle with eaglets - Detail

 Eagle at sunset

When Rollie and Lorin Walker visited Vic at his studio to discuss their vision of creating a monumental eagle bronze sculpture to enhance their water feature, an air of excitement and anticipation filled Vic's studio. Their water feature stood 26 feet in height and was created with hand chosen rocks from the area; setting center stage for a beautiful development called Taylor Crossing in Idaho Falls, Idaho that the Walker brother's were spearheading.

The bronze eagle monument, titled 'The Protector', portrays a mother eagle perched to feed her two young eaglets with a salmon that is held in her great talons. The father, 'The Protector', circles around his territory in majestic flight keeping a vigilant watch for anything that may bring danger to his family.

Vic created the eagles 3 times life size with a 21 foot wingspan. Each of the eaglets are 4 1/2 feet in height. The eagles were created as a landmark and symbol of Idaho Falls' history and was born from the amazing vision of the Walker brothers.