Vic Payne Studio

Closed Editions

"Abilene to Cheyenne",Ed. 20, Created 1991

"Beyond the Wide Missouri"

"Boy Called Buffalo" - (1) bronze left in this sold out edition, #24/75. Please contact (307) 527-9095 if you would like more information on this sculpture.

"Braveheart" (Maquette available on the 2ndary Art Market)

"Eagle Catcher" - Masterwork available on the 2ndary Art Market; inquiries welcome.

"From an Eagles View"

"I Fear No Evil"

"In Search of the Blue Swallows"

"In the Arms of the Mystic Moon"

"Into the Valley of Deep Shadows"

"There's a Valley Ahead"

"Thunder at Little Big Horn"

"Thunder in the Mountain"

"When the Longhorns Call"